Whats the difference between Unlimited and Unmetered ?

Many Hosting providers will advertise " UNLIMITED " Disk Space or Bandwidth. This is purely a sales gimick to make you think you are getting the best deal ever. The reality of it is you can never get " UNLIMITED " Disk Space as this would mean the host would need to not only own every hard drive in the world but also every hard drive that has been and will ever be made, ontop of that servers do have a limit on the amount of drives that can be installed and the size of each drive IE. 1TB, 2TB, 3TB etc.

At love your domain we offer a varying level of hosting with a specific amount of space thus you will always know how much you have left. We do how ever offer an " UNMETERED " level this is not to be confused with " UNLIMITeD " in the fact it is limited to the max of the server but as the name " UNMETERED " suggests we dont sit there and watch how much space you use.

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